Saturday, May 08, 2010

Thank you, Thank you!

Nate's teacher came by yesterday to deliver this (along with the Mother's Day present below). A picture of Nate's class that was taken during the Valentine's Day Party. In the picture, she had printed "Our Loss, Heaven's Gain, Mrs. Lacy's Kindergarten Class 2010". Tears were flowing for a long time after opening this...So thoughtful!

A couple of weeks ago, Nate was having school here at the house with his teacher, Mrs. Lacy. I was asked to leave the room because he was going to make my Mother's Day present. She delivered this yesterday. Trey and I couldn't believe it. A nest, with three blue eggs. Pretty significant considering all my "bird signs" I've been seeing lately. Trey said the nest is Nate holding the eggs which are me, Trey and Owen. Sweetest present EVER! Of course, we both cried.

I have some wonderful neighborhood friends, some that I haven't even met yet, who gave me this beautiful necklace. It is Nate's birthstone (and Owen's also). I am looking forward to getting to know my sweet neighbors better and joining in a Bible Study they have every Wednesday. I can't thank them enough for this gift, I wear it all the time (and kiss it all the time!). So very thoughtful!

These are pictures of a Magnolia tree that was sent by Trey's friends at work. The marker reads"In Memory Of Our Sweet Little Angel Nate, Love Always". We planted it today. What a wonderful gift!

This arrangement was received today to me in honor of Mother's Day by our dear friends, Mike and Beverlee Rudberg, who live out in California. It's shaped like a rainbow and the card reads - "To an extraordinary mother. We wish you a rainbow of peace. All our Love". LOVE IT! So sweet - thank so much Mike and Beverlee!

I was also asked by some friends on my Facebook account if they could set up a FB page - Nathan Russell's Contribution Fund, which is a fund set up to accept donations to plant a tree in his honor through "Up with Trees" of Tulsa. It will be planted somewhere in town with his name under it. Again, I'm speechless by the thoughtfulness of everybody! Thank you Shannon and Jeri!

And thank you to Trey's friends at work for the gift cards to restaurants. Those have and will come in handy!
These are all the flower arrangements and plants we received before the Memorial Service and also ones that were delivered to the funeral home - Beautiful.

We have been overwhelmed and so appreciative of all the love and support we have received. And we are also so thankful for the gifts, the tons of food and flowers. These are just a few examples of what we have gotten. Thanks again everyone! Don't know what else to say but Thank You and We Love You!

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