Monday, July 06, 2009

4th of July

We had a great weekend! Friday both boys got in the pool and did great! Nate loved watching Owen play. His nurse Jennifer played with Nate in the pool which he really enjoyed because he has a HUGE crush on her!
Saturday we thought the parade was going to be rained out but it stopped raining a little before it was to start. So, we gathered up the boys and went to the parade. Nate was smiling the whole time ear to ear! He was so proud of his chair! As we started the parade, it was sprinkling a little bit, but as we got to the farthest point from our house, it started pouring! I mean really pouring! Luckily, Trey had bought a golf umbrella for shade in case it was really hot. We brought it and were able to keep Nate's equipment dry. Nate thought it was funny. Didn't bother him a bit! He loved feeling the rain on his legs and feet. Of course, it stopped raining as soon as we got to our house. We got some good pics though! It turned out to be a great parade even in the rain!
Later that day we took Owen out early for a few little fireworks and some sparklers. Then we took Nate out later and did some bigger ones. We posted a video of some of that. Once again our neighborhood was lit up everywhere with firework shows at every corner! I LOVE that we don't have to go out anywhere and can stay home and enjoy the 4th in our own neighborhood!

Nate Watching Fireworks (Youtube Video)

Owen Watching His 1st Fireworks

Before the Parade Pics

During the Parade Pics (Before the Downpour)

Nate loved every minute of it!

After the Parade Pics

As you can see, we are soaked!

Playdate with Charlie and Evelyn

Here are some pictures of the boys playing with Charlie and Evelyn. Charlie was loving putting the tunnel over Owen's head. Owen thought it was funny like one time and then he wasn't too thrilled. But I thought it was hilarious! Nate thought it was funny too!