Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Monday, August 24, 2009

Owen's 2nd Birthday!

Owen turned TWO YEARS OLD yesterday! It has been a blessed two years watching Owen grow and develop! We had a great weekend with Nana and Grandpa Wayne visiting from Dallas. Nate also enjoyed celebrating his brother's b-day. I will post pics very soon.

Nate has been doing well. Busy times with school, therapy, and also FUN stuff. His new favorite outing is Walmart, so I've been trying to take the boys once a week on a shopping run. Nate loves it! Owen - not so much. He gets bored and tired of being in the cart half way through my shopping. I try and HURRY! Then ususally he gets to ride the pony after we check out and that makes him happy!

We've had a great summer and everyone has stayed healthy. Hopefully, we still have another month of pool time for the boys since they love it so much.
Thanks for checking in!