Thursday, October 01, 2009

YouTube Video of the Boys on the Zoo Train

A few more zoo pics

The Boys at the Zoo

Jennifer (Nate's nurse), Grandpa, Grandma Judy, Nate, Owen and I all made a trip to the zoo this week. It was a BEAUTIFUL day! It was Owen's first time there and he loved every minute of it. Never got bored or fussy - and we were there a long time! Nate also had a great time! We rode the train! I didn't realize it, but the train has a ramp and a place for wheelchairs (even one as big as Nate's!). We were so excited that we ALL got to ride the train! The children's petting zoo was also a big hit! The animals were very interested in Nate's wheelchair and some goats "kissed" his feet. Owen petted all the sheep and goats - wasn't scared a bit!

On another note, we took Nate for a general check up at the dr. last week. He got a great report and the dr. thinks he is doing extremely well! We will be going to St. Francis Children's Hospital next week to the respiratory therapy department to have his bi-pap machine settings checked, which needs to be done. The dr. didn't change much as far as feedings, medication, really anything. He said he's doing so well and "if it ain't broke, don't fix it!". Gotta love that.
Enjoy the zoo pics!

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