Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Nate & the Catoosa Cheerleaders

Greetings from HOT, HOT Tulsa!

Here is a quick update and a few pictures since it has been a while since we posted! Nate is doing well...he has two upper teeth breaking through the gum line so he has been a little fussy off & on over the last week or so. His appointment with Dr. Carey went well and the culture came back with "rare/very few pseudomonas" which means that it is suppressed right now. He will probably always have some of it in his lungs and our best approach is to keep it suppressed.

Jen is hanging in there and in the next 7 to 8 days, Nate will be a big brother! If she does not go into labor before next Thursday, we'll do an inducement on August 23rd at 7:30AM. I really believe that Nate understands what is going on and that he does look forward to a baby around the house.

Earlier this summer, Nate became a sponsor for the Catoosa High School Varsity Cheerleaders. Last week, five members of the squad came over to get their pictures with him and Cassidy, Jenni's grand-daughter, made a poster for his room. Nate's picture will be in the 2007 Football Program and if he is doing well, we'll be able to go to one of the games and he will be introduced as an "Official Sponsor". As you can tell from the following pictures, Nate really enjoyed the having the cheerleaders around...

Group photo for the Program:

Check out his smile...

Nate & Cassidy:

Cassidy shows Nate his Thank You Poster:

Thanks for checkng in on Nate!