Wednesday, May 05, 2010

More Visits/Signs from Nate

As you know, if you've seen the previous posts, I have received a couple special visits from God and Nate (the rainbow and meeting Gayle Crist at the nail salon). Here are a few more moments I want to share.

I'm always looking for signs. Mostly in the clouds or birds, but really anywhere and everywhere. I was sittiing outside the other night and asking Nate to speak to me. I was looking at the clouds. I thought, what about a cloud smiley face or a heart? I just stared at the sky. Then I starting thinking about possibly getting in the pool this week. Decided to call time and temperature to see what the weather was going to be. The advertisement sponsor for time and temp was Floral Haven Funeral Homes, where Nate is laid to rest. I smiled. Then when I hung up the phone, I again looked up at the clouds, and there it was a cloud shaped like a heart. Then I smiled big!

I talked to my mom the next day. She watches Boston Avenue Methodist Church service on TV. She had taped it and watched it on Tuesday. The service "just happened" to be about grieving. They played Amazing Grace during the service, which of course was also played at Nate's Memorial Service.

The most profound thing that happened to me, was yesterday. My body was tired, my mind was tired. But I went for a run anyways. I have run through my neighborhood, the same route, for years. There are a couple of spots that are my favorites. A couple of ponds that usually have some ducks and geese. As I approached one of these spots, a couple of ducks crossed the road. Then I looked to my left and there is this huge, beautiful SWAN! I stopped. It just looked at me and then walked over to me. I decided to go to the side of the road and sit down. It followed me and stood inches from me. It honked and honked (talked) to me, then it would just stare at me. It was so close to me I could've hugged it. I know swans are NOT people animals and they can be very mean, so I decided instead of trying to touch it, I would talk to it. (I know, go ahead and say it, I need to go into a mental instituation - HA). I talked, it listened, then it talked and I listened. I just took it all in, smiling and smiling. Then after awhile, I decided to move on. I said can you show me how you can fly? I wanted it to do something else for me before I left. I walked very slowly away from it, kept looking back (it's still talking to me this whole time). I got around the corner, and a neighborhood friend pulls up beside me. I tried to explain what just happened, then we just talked about Nate and how sorry she was, etc. I could see the swan from afar moving it's way toward me again. Before I knew it, there it was again, in the middle of the street, next to the van, standing inches from me, honking louder than before. Kari and I were stunned. Then it pecked my leg. I just laughed. Kari said "he doesn't want you to forget about him". I said "Oh, I won't". I then started home, running away from him, as his honks got louder and louder, I heard them for most of the rest of my run. I laughed all day and told Nathan how funny he is. And thanked him and God.

Some people might think I'm crazy, I'm making something out of nothing. Some people might call these incidents coincidences. If your eyes and heart aren't open to receive these special moments, you won't see them. I take time to look for them and I embrace them for what they are - plain and simple, GOD.


Anonymous said...

You're not crazy Jen. They are there for a reason. A swan is so meaningful for our children. Their bodies here on earth weren't perfect and now in heaven, they are.

Lucy and Ethel said...

I am SO glad you're seeing and recognizing the Nathan signs! You're right - many miss these special gifts because they don't always come in typical packaging :)

We still have Jeffrey signs after almost 13 years, and I hope to see them for the next 13; they are HUGE sources of comfort and reminders that Jeffrey is doing great and is right here!

I hope you're writing all these moments down... in a really big book :)

Hugs -

Noah and Max said...

Jennifer - you are so truly blessed to SEE these things around you. I think people go through life missing these moments and you are cherishing every minute. Nate is there with you and that swan was there with you! I believe in what you see - it's God and Nate at work helping you find peace and comfort each and everyday. I am so glad you are still blogging - please try and continue. It's encouraging and inspirational!!! Good thoughts for you today! Keep that smile Nate loves it!

Anonymous said...

Jennifer - I have a high school friend that lost a grandson at age four to a brain tumor. She wrote a small book all about Brice's life and illness and signs from God, etc. It was published last year. I have it if you should ever want to read it. Your stories are so interesting and meaningful - maybe you should consider writing a book. Mrs. B.

Shannon and Carey said...

You are so right Jen. Your heart is open and ready for these signs. That is a great story of the swan. Those things can be down right mean! I had to giggle when you said he was at the van honking. I can just picture you standing there.
Hugs and peace to your family.
Shannon :)
Yes, please continue to blog.

Sandra said...

I always knew Nate was brilliant!!! He is so smart to know you need him now like he needed you when he was here on this earth. My prayers are with your family...

Anonymous said...

Jennifer likes this.