Thursday, May 06, 2010

A Brother's Love

Two very touching stories about Nate & Owen...

Number #1 -- The morning after Nate passed away, Owen went into Nate's room as is his normal routine when he gets up. When Nate wasn't there, he didn't seem to know what to do but he just walked up to the bedside and patted the bed as if he was patting Nate. I asked him if he wanted to climb up on Nate's bed and he said "YES". So he climbed up then grabbed all of Nate's stuffed animals in a big bear hug and just laid there in silence.

On Monday night, we decided that we'd ask Owen if he wanted to take one of Nate's stuffed animals and start sleeping with it. We asked and and he said "YES". So we pulled him up on the bed and told him to pick one. You can probably guess what he did...he grabbed all four of them in a big bear hug and has been sleeping with them ever since.

Number #2 -- On Wednesday, I was going back to Floral Haven to settle up and Jen & Owen were in the office as I left. When I got back Jen told me the story behind the picture below.

As Jen was sitting at the desk, Owen walked over to the closet in the office, opened the door and pulled out one of the programs from Nate's Memorial Service. He then walked back to the desk, grabbed a blue pen and started trying to trace the outline of his hand on the program. Here is what he produced:

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Dee Daniel said...

Jen and Trey, you don't know me but I have followed the little man's story from Day 1.

You see, I became a widow on Auguest 31, 2002. Several months later, I went to a grief support chat room and met the most wonderful lady. She became a dear, dear internet friend. I just know that she welcomed Nate with open arms and is holding him and comforting him. She's your Aunt Sue. She was so special to me. We talked about Nate on a daily basis until she became ill. I've been reading his site since the first day you put it online. I've prayed and prayed for him. I prayed so much for you when Sue said you all were expecting another child. Our prayers were answered. The same where I met Sue has numerous forums for people who are trying to face to loss of a loved one. ( I will continue to pray for peace and comfort for all of you, your extended family and friends. Your lives, as well as Nates, have touched a world of people you don't even know. To watch the videos was a special blessing for all of us. Thank you for sharing him with us. I'll watch for his rainbow.

Dee Daniel
Timberville, VA