Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Owen - 15 Month Check-up

Owen had his 15 Month Check-up yesterday and it went well. He has gained 2 lbs. and 1 inch since his 12 Month Check-up. He now weighs in at 32.375 lbs and is 34 inches long...both in the 99th Percentile for his age!
Thanks for checking in on Nate & Owen and we wish everyone a HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

YouTube of Owen

Owen getting ready for bathtime and playing in Nate's room.

You Tube Videos of Nate

We've been doing good here. Nothing too exciting, which is good I guess. Just gearing up for the holidays!!!

Here's some videos of Nathan -

This one is of Nate's room and all the equipment he uses. For those of you who have visited Nate, this probably won't be too interesting (although Nate is in the video!). It is meant more for those who have never been able to come over and for some Youtube subscribers to Nate's videos who have requested videos of all of his equipment and therapies.

This is one of Nate off the bi-pap just hanging out watching Spongebob.

This is of Nate on his computer playing connect four. He uses this for communication and some games. It's not that great of quality.

I'll post one tomorrow of Owen - it's really cute!