Saturday, November 01, 2008

Another One of SUPERMAN!


Nate the SAILOR!!


We had a GREAT Halloween! The weather was beautiful and the boys were doing good, so we were able to really celebrate. Our neighborhood is CRAZY on Halloween! It's like a big party - tons and tons of kids and parents everywhere. Nate and Owen loved it! They passed out candy and had a blast seeing all the kids in the costumes. I took Nate to a couple of houses close by to trick or treat. Owen was too busy enjoying hanging out in our driveway playing with the candy and watching all the kids. Everyone loved the boys' costumes and they got a ton of attention. There was a little boy who came up to me and said "Remember me, I'm in Nate's class". He doesn't live in the neighborhood but came to trick or treat here. I met his parents and they said that Cooper came home from school the day Nate was there and told them all about him. Nate made a big impact on the class. His parents were excited to meet Nathan. It was very touching. Get ready for pictures, pictures, pictures!

A quick update on Nate. He's been doing much better. He's been taking an additional breathing treatment medication and it seems to have really helped him. He's been enjoying school at home. We haven't gone to school in a couple of weeks and depending on sicknesses, we might wait until after winter to go again. Can't risk it! If it's nice this next week, we might make a trip to the zoo before it gets too cold and we're stuck doing things inside for a couple of months.

That's it for now - enjoy the pics and thanks for checking in!

(Some of the pics are far away - if you want to enlarge them, just click on the picture.)