Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Update 1/17/07

Nate is doing better. He's not as fussy and seems to be feeling okay. He still has the bulge on his side, but it doesn't look as large as it was a couple of days ago. We had to cancel his Dr.'s appt. yesterday due to the weather. Hopefully, we will get in sometime next week and get a full report.

We are just taking it easy and waiting for the ice to melt. School has been canceled and we've obviously been stuck inside.

Nate is still tolerating his lift very well. He actually seems to enjoy it. I told him he's special because it's like he has his own amusement park ride in his room! The hard part will be when we start practicing using the lift to get him in and out of his wheelchair, stander and power chair. Getting him in the bathtub with the lift is pretty easy.

Thanks for checking in!