Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Halloween Night

He loves these girls, Sophia and Olivia!

Eating pizza with Olivia, Sophia and Carter

Ready to Go!

He knew just what to do to get his treat! And he even said thank you - most of the time :)

Halloween Parties

At our neighborhood Halloween party waiting for the hayride to start with another spiderman.

Shannon's Halloween party.

More Pumpkin Patch

This was a very cool corn maze that had scarecrows along the way.

Owen rode Shadow the pony for a long time all by himself! Last year he was clinging to my dad for dear life as he rode the horse. Wow, how he has changed in one year! Brave boy riding horses and camels! :)

A real pumpkin patch at the end of the corn maze.

Pumpkin Patch

Owen loved the camel rides! He wasn't afraid one bit!

Owen's Halloween Class Party Pic

Owen's Halloween Festivities

What a long, busy, fun weekend it was! Thursday Owen had a costume parade at school and then a party in his classroom. I was able to stay and enjoy that with him. Friday morning we went to the pumpkin patch and we all had a great time! Saturday our neighborhood had a costume block party, which was a lot of fun, with food, games, hayrides, and dancing. Sunday (actual Halloween!), we had another party to go to hosted by our friend, Shannon (she helped with putting together Nate's Up With Trees). Lots of kids and fun at this party as well! Halloween evening we went over to our neighbors (The Nalleys) for pizza before trick or treating. Owen loves those kids! And then finally trick or treating! Owen did great, much more into this year. He tired out pretty quickly but had a lot of fun! We missed our Nate. Halloween was different without him, but almost everything is different now that Nate is not with us. But at least Owen keeps us going and keeps us smiling and having fun! Nate is probably loving watching his brother enjoy life! :)

Enjoy all the pics! Jennifer

Nate Paying it Forward

We have donated a lot of Nate's equipment and supplies to different charities. But some of the equipment we really wanted to know where it was going to help someone like Nate. Our friends, The Gundy's (who have a son, Kyle, with SMA Type 1 as well), have a local charity that donates equipment to needy families with SMA or conditions similar to SMA. We gave them the Vest and Cough Assist, along with a few other items. The vest and cough assist were very crucial in Nate's care and are wonderful medical devices. Both of those have been given to families that needed them. I received a note from a mom, Jennifer, whose son Zeke, has Cystic Fibrosis. They were the ones who got the vest. It has already helped Zeke so much since they have had it and has helped make his life easier. That makes us so happy! :)
Above is a picture of Kyle Gundy enjoying Nate's old swing! He's almost too big for it, but at least he will get to enjoy it for a short time. Then I'm sure they will pass it on to another family whose child would love it as well. This would all make Nate very happy to know others are benefitting from his old equipment and enjoying his swing!!! :)

Yesterday Owen and I went to a birthday celebration for Kyle at Chuck E Cheese. He turned 6 years old! Yeah Kyle! It was good to see them and be able to enjoy Kyle's special day with him. The only hard part was when we pulled up and Owen saw Kyle in his wheelchair Owen yelled "Nate!". I said no, that's Kyle, but he's a lot like Nate. Then he seemed fine and had a great time. Happy birthday sweet Kyle!