Saturday, October 21, 2006

Kyle's Birthday Party

Today, Nate went to a friend's Birthday Party which was also a Halloween Costume Party. Like Nate, Kyle Gundy has SMA Type I and this afternoon we celebrated his 2nd Birthday.

Here are a couple of pictures of Dr. Nate, SMA Specialist...

Nate and Mommy taking a few whacks at the pinata... (It's kinda hard to tell who is having more fun here!!!)

Nate & Kyle in the Halloween costumes...

Friday, October 20, 2006

Pictures of the Kids Painting Pumpkins

Friends Over for Playtime

Yesterday we had the Gundys and the Nelsons over. Jana has two children (Tyler, 3 years old, SMA free and Kyle, almost 2 years old, SMA Type I) and Shelley has three children (Hayley, 6 years old, SMA free, Brady, almost 4 years old, SMA Type III, and Colby, 8 months old, SMA Type III). They painted Halloween stuff, watched movies and played. It was a lot of fun! Tomorrow we will be going to Kyle's 2nd birthday party, which is a Halloween party also, and Nate is going to be a doctor. I will attach some pics from the party on Sunday.
It's such a blessing to have met these families, as we have something in common. Unfortunately, it is SMA. But, it means so much to have friends that understand and can relate to the life we lead and the challenges we face.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Missing pictures

Nate & Mommy...

Nate relaxing in his TumbleForms...

Still Doing Better...

Well, we found out Nate has a fracture. It is referred to as a "buckle" fracture. He seems to be healing very well and is tolerating moving his leg, being picked up, getting in his chair, etc. The Dr. said to just keep doing what we're doing, but be careful and go by how he is feeling.
The Prednisone seemed to do the trick on his wheezing and his lungs have been clear and he has spent more time off his bi-pap the last couple of days, which is great!
Nate is really enjoying school. His teacher is wonderful and so are his therapists. We are looking into going to the school gym once a week so he can practice driving his power chair. His physical therapist and occupational therapist were impressed on how well he could drive and said all he needs is practice, practice, practice! He can't really drive it in the house yet (I'm trying to save our walls!) plus with the weather getting cooler, the gym will be great!
Nate has been going to Preschool Story Time at our local library every Monday. He loves it! There is a different theme every week and he enjoys seeing all the kids. The first time we went, I had a hard time b/c all the kids were staring at him and some seemed to be scared of him. It took all I had not to just yell out "He's a normal boy, has normal feelings...he just can't move or breathe like you do!". But I realized he does look different and that is going to happen. It just takes time for kids to get used to him and I explained to them his situation and then the kids were fine and now they talk to him, open the doors for him, and at the end of story time, they all say "Bye Nathan". It's too cute!
I've attached some recent pictures - one of Trey and Nate watching baseball together, doing some male bonding; one of Nate and me spending quality "close" time together (it won't be long until I can't hold him anymore - he's huge!); and, one of Nate in his chair.
So, things are going well and we're staying busy. Nate is so happy and loving life!