Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Nate Back in the Stander

Finally! It took forever to get his new splints and then when we got them, they didn't fit him right in certain places. That was taken care of and he's been back in the stander for a couple of weeks now and doing great! The stander is so important because it is good for his bones, posture and spine. It also helps with circulation and respiratory issues. He usually can be in the stander without his bi-pap but because we are just starting to stand up again after a long time off, he has it on. This stander is great because it has wheels so we can take him around the house. He's in the living room here watching Spongebob (of course!).

Owen's Favorite Thing To Do

Nate Blowing Out Candles and Tasting His Cake

Nate Opening Presents

Nathan is 5 YEARS OLD!!!!

We are so proud of our little (big) boy! What a blessing to celebrate 5 years with him! Although Nate has had some rough times throughout his five years (he's a fighter and the toughest kid I know!), he's lived a HAPPY, HAPPY life and is loved by so many people! To the neurologist who told us when Nate was first diagnosed at five months old - "I know of a great hospice; there's nothing you can do; just take him home and love him; and he won't live to be 2 years old" - YOU WERE WRONG, WRONG, WRONG!!!! And thank you Lord for leading us in a different direction and not listening to him! These five years with Nate have been the hardest but yet the HAPPIEST time of my life. Trey and I are completely and totally blessed that God chose us to be Nate's parents and love him more than words can say!

Nate had a great birthday weekend and seemed to enjoy this one more than the previous ones. He loved all of his presents and cards. We had a small family celebration which was perfect. It was a four day event. Friday, Trey and I took him to the aquarium which he really enjoyed (it was a little too crowded, but that seemed to bother me and Trey more than Nate). Saturday we all got in the pool and had a nice family day. Sunday was the little party with presents and cake. Monday Trey and I took him to see the Veggie Tales movie and I think this was his favorite! There were problems with the sound at first, so it was like we were watching a Veggie Tales silent movie, but Nate didn't care if there was sound - he was smiling so big! They finally got it fixed and it was a great movie and a treat for Nathan!

So get ready for picture overload. We'll post a video of Nate in his portable lift later this evening or tomorrow.

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Nate B-Day Update and Pics Coming Later Today!!!

We've been very busy and haven't had time to post and there's a ton of pics and a video to download. Hopefully all will be posted by this evening.