Friday, May 07, 2010

Birds (Angels Playing)

Ok, at this point, people probably I've really lost it! As much as I love sharing Nate stories (both while he was here and after he passed), this blog also has another purpose - to document our memories, so we never forget certain moments. So here's another "moment" -

I was outside having my morning coffee, and two birds were playing and chasing each other right in front of me. I thought, that's probably Nate and another SMA Angel, flying and playing. I will think of birds as all the SMA Angels flying free and playing together. I went in to get my second cup of coffee, came back outside and look up to see a HUGE, HUGE group of birds flying over. But they weren't flying straight or fast. It was very slow, rhythmic, like they were dancing/swaying. Another beautiful site I will cherish. Fly free little man and play, play, play with all the other sweet SMA Angels - Have fun! Love you!

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