Friday, April 11, 2008

No RSV and we're back home!

The RSV results came back and they were NEGATIVE!!!
Since he does not have RSV and we have everything that we need to take care of him at home, the attending physician agreed to letting us bring him home. We arrived about 30 minutes ago and Nate is just about to fall asleep.
It's been a rough time but his heart rate is more normal and his breathing is not as labored as it was yesterday. He is definitely fighting something but it's not RSV...which is very good! He still needs some O2 to keep his saturation level up but he is also very tired.
THANKS for your calls, e-mails, prayers & support!!
We'll update later....

A few extra prayers...

Nate is in the PICU at St. Francis so a few extra prayers would be appreciated.
He had a rough day with thick secretions, an elevated heart rate and some labored breathing. About 6:30PM, his fever spiked to 102.1 degrees and he was really struggling. Our big fear is that he has contracted RSV so we went ahead and got him admitted into the PICU. They took a chest x-ray and obtained a nasal culture so we should have some preliminary answers on Friday.
We'll update as we can and THANKS for your prayers and support!