Saturday, March 14, 2009


I'm getting over a nasty cold/sinus thing and Owen just got it yesterday. So far, Nate and Trey have stayed healthy. We are praying that Nate does not get this because it starts in the head and then goes to the lungs. We are being extra careful and keeping Owen away from Nate and out of his room as much as possible. Owen isn't too happy about that, since Nate's room is his favorite place to go! And it's hard, because I seem to be in there all the time and I can't leave Owen unattended THAT'S FOR SURE! I'm glad Trey is home for the weekend!
The weather has been CRAZY - I'm sick of it! Literally, I think that's what made me sick - the weather (well, that and no sleep since we had no night nurse three nights in a row last week and the usual stress.). Anyways, these are pics of the boys IN SHORTS last week at the park and then it snowed this week and we had freezing rain this morning. I think by next week spring should finally be arriving. I can't wait to have warm weather and all of these illnesses gone! I want to take Nate to school, to the zoo, get him in the pool and all that other fun stuff you can do in the spring/summer! Owen is getting a new tricycle soon so that will be fun for him!

Thanks for checking in and please pray Nate doesn't get sick!