Friday, September 19, 2008

Owen Update

I know it's been FOREVER since I posted, but really to me, it doesn't seem like it. Time just flies by and the next thing I know, a month has passed. I'll try and catch everybody up on the "goings on" in our family.

First, a short Owen update. He had his 1 year check up and surprise, surprise, he's HUGE! Height 33 inches, Weight 30 1/2 pounds, and head circumference I can't remember exactly, but all three are in the 99th percentile for his age! Luckily, everything is proportioned. He had some immunizations, screamed like crazy for about 1 minute and then he was fine. Everything else looked good and he's a healthy boy!
He is SO strong! It takes both me and Trey sometimes to hold him down to change his diaper. It's hard to believe a 1 year old can be stronger than 2 adults, but it is possible! I think God gave Owen the strength of a normal boy (and then some), and also gave him the strength that Nathan lacks! Owen is pure muscle and I get a work out daily caring for him!

He is starting to take a few steps on his own and can walk all over the place pushing something like his wagon or riding car. And he can walk fine holding one of our hands. It's so cute! It is facsinating to see the normal physical and mental development of a child. We don't take ANYTHING for granted. Every little thing he does is such a blessing! Unfortunately, we didn't get to experience these milestones with Nathan. Even the cognitive development, we really didn't see much of because he couldn't communicate verbally or physically with us. Now, we realize how much Nathan knew at such a young age, but just couldn't communicate it or physically express himself. But, Nate knows nothing different and he loves his life. We are so thankful to have the BEST boys EVER! They are very, very different, but so special in their own ways. Thank you Lord for blessing us and choosing us to be the parents of our wonderful redheads!

Since Owen is starting to walk (sort of), we decided it was time to go shoe shopping. We took him to Trippets, a children's shoe store that has been around forever (I even got my shoes there when I was a kid). He's not sure what to think of his new shoes. You can tell he has a hard time adjusting to the fact that his feet are heavier and tends to trip over his toes and drag his feet. But, he'll get used to them. Enjoy a few pics from the shoe store.

Next is a Nate update with pictures.


Nate Update

The last month has been a busy one. Nate finally started school; we think we've gotten the power chair figured out so he can drive it better; he's been enjoying lots of walks since the weather has been so nice; we took a trip to the zoo; and, he's been doing great in his stander getting in it almost every other day for about 30-40 minutes.

Unfortunately, pool season ended early this summer. It was a strange summer with lots of rain and then cooler temperatures came in earlier this year, so pool time was pretty limited. Thankfully, Nate loves his bath time (when he's feeling good) and is still able to get his water therapy and move freely. He has been able to be off his bi-pap some in the last month. Anywhere from 15 minutes up to an hour off of it. He's always off it during bath time and that's why sometimes he struggles in the tub, but for the most part he does pretty well. We usually have warning signs before the bath that it's going to be a short one - if he has a lot of secretions, a high heart rate, and if he didn't sleep very well the night before.

Trey had the day off today and we took the boys to Target to look at Halloween costumes and then to Incredible Pizza for lunch and played some games. Owen rode on the carousel and a horse - he LOVED it! We had a fun time.

Nate is doing GREAT!