Saturday, October 28, 2006

Picture of Mom and Nate on the Patio

October 28, 2006

This week has been an uneventful one, meaning no major crises and nothing really exciting happened. Monday, we went to Story Time at the library and Nate fell asleep within two minutes. I hope the librarian doesn't take it personally b/c he's fallen asleep the last two times we've been! His sleeping habits are still all messed up...he stays up half the night, doesn't take a nap, or naps in the evening. Anyway, we decided to leave the library and went out to the van and the automatic ramp was broken. So Sue and I tried everything (we even tried to lift Nate & his chair into the van - like we're superhuman and can lift all that weight safely!!!). Finally, I called Trey and then he helped me figure out how to manually get the ramp to work. Nate slept through the whole thing! Thankfully, it was a beautiful day outside and we made it home! We've had to use the ramp's manual crank for the last couple of days until we can get the van into the Service Dept. next Tuesday.

Tuesday, the mobile x-ray company came out to do another x-ray on Nate's femur. We haven't heard the results yet but we're hopeful that the femur is healing quickly. He still acts as if it is a little tender if you move his leg a certain way, but we have pretty much done our normal activities except the stander and the ceiling lift.

Today, we "attemped" to go to Brady's 4th birthday party. Nate seemed to be doing fine and just after we loaded him in the Kid Kart to get ready to go, he started struggling. Too many secretions?, a plug?, congestion? ...we just weren't sure. We thought that once we got into the van, he would calm down and do better since he LOVES to go for rides. Unfortunately, the whole way to the Nelson's house, he struggled. Even with his bi-pap on and with oxygen, he had very labored breathing and his heart rate was very high. Ultimately, I took Brady's present into the party and we just came home. He calmed down after a we got him in bed and he was given a breathing treatment. We were very sorry that Nate had to miss the party....The Jenks Fire Dept. was coming for a visit plus there were lots of kids and it looked like it was going to be a lot of fun. But, such is life and we know we made the right decision to take him home -- He took a four hour nap this afternoon!

That's it for now.......