Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Trey's B-day/Mother's Day Pics (of Owen)

We celebrated Trey's birthday and Mother's Day with Gammy, Nana, Grandpa Wayne, Uncle Jeff and Aunt Bradette We had filets and cake for dinner and Owen LOVED both! After dinner, he was full, bored and looking for some fun, so he crawled under the table and played with Sammie.

Owen "Reading" to Nathan

Owen has seen me, my mom, my dad, and everyone else read to Nathan. He knows we get a chair and put it by Nate's bed. Then go get books from the bookshelf. So, one evening Owen decided he was going to be the one who read to Nathan. He pulled the chair in Nate's room, right by his bed, went to the bookshelf, grabbed a book and climbed up on the chair and "read" it to Nate. Then, he went and got another one and another one. It was the cutest, sweetest thing! Now, he does this at least once a day. He's so smart - he picks up on everything we do with Nathan!

Nathan Update

Nate is doing much better! Still not 100%, but we're getting there. He's been able to take tub baths again and we've been able to take him out a couple of times. Luckily, it seems this illness was a "minor" one, as far as Nate's sicknesses go. He's still be having school at the house and speech therapy. He's doing great with his eye gaze communication system. He's learning how to talk - with his eyes! It's truly amazing. I can't wait until he gets really good at it and I can know what he needs, wants, likes, dislikes, or just to hear him tell me Hi Mom, I love you! Oh, I'll melt! We're going to school this Friday (and Trey is going also). It's a big day. Nathan will be "Spartan of the Week". I'll have more on that with pictures later. We're hoping to open the pool this weekend and hopefully get Nate in if he's doing okay! Summer - yippee!

Thanks for checking in!