Friday, April 16, 2010

Doing Better

Nate's doing much better, but still not 100%. We've obviously stayed in all week, although he has had school here at the house. We'll continue to let him rest, recover, and get better throughout the rainy weekend, and hopefully next week, he'll be back to 100% and out and about at school, and possibly enjoying some nice weather outside!

Monday, April 12, 2010

It's an Ear Infection

Went to the dr. today. Found out Nate has an ear infection, most likely spurred on by all of his allergies. So, he added an antibiotic, which he will start today. I'm so glad we figured out what was going on and have all the meds to get him better! No hospital - yippee!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

A long night followed by an OK Sunday...

Last night Nate fell asleep around 9:30PM but started having problems with his secretions about 12:30AM or so. Jen got up and suctioned him off & on until a little before 3AM. At that time, I got back up so she could go back to bed. He finally seemed to get them under control about 3:30AM or so and finally feel back asleep after being changed at 4:15AM.
He slept until 8:30AM and did NOT appreciate us waking him up! The morning was good and we were able to give him another quick bath. We also were able to get him up in his wheelchair for about 30 minutes so he got to watch SpongeBob on the big screen in the den.
This evening was OK...still has a lot of secretions and they can be pretty thick at times. The good news is that his lungs appear to be clear as we can hear good air movement in all lobes when we listen to him. The other good news for tonight is that Katie can cover the overnight shift. Jen & I are exhausted so we hope that he has another good night with her and we can get a little rest.
Thanks again for your prayers & support...please keep them coming!