Tuesday, January 27, 2009

More Owen in the Snow/Sleet

Roxy wanted to play ball, but Owen couldn't bend down or pick up the ball. He also tried to climb up the slide which was total ice, so he slipped and fell. Didn't seem to bother him. He was so serious outside today. I think he was trying to figure out what all the white stuff was and also trying to figure out how to move in his eight layers of clothes!

Owen's Enjoying His First Snow (sleet) Sledding

Owen Enjoying His First Snow (well, it's really sleet!)

Preparing to go out - he couldn't sit up we had so many clothes on him so we had to dress him laying down and he could barely walk in his snow boots. He was so cute!

Surviving the Storm

We're staying in and staying warm! Sleet and ice and it continues. Thank the Lord Trey made it home from his business trip last night. He left last Friday for New Orleans and flew back yesterday. Made it to Dallas, but all flights to Tulsa were canceled. He DROVE in this stuff! But luckily, he made it home safe and sound. Which is a good thing, since the nurses can't get here and I would've been all alone. It was a tough weekend with Trey gone!

Nate is doing good. He still struggles some, but is doing much better. We even went out last week to the school to practice driving his power chair. He hadn't driven it in awhile and he has a new switch he had only used a couple of times, but he did GREAT!