Monday, June 01, 2009

Nathan Update

Nate's been doing fine. He's still having some episodes of not being able to maintain his O2 levels while he's sleeping and we can't figure that out.
He got his new manual wheelchair and it fits him much better! It still needs some adjustments though.

He was Spartan of the Week a couple of weeks ago at school and we were so excited. A poster of him with tons of pictures was posted on the classroom door. Then at school he was at the front of the class and the kids would say nice things about him and I told the kids a little bit about his life and went over all the pictures. Nate hated it - cried the whole time! He doesn't like being center of attention. He prefers to hang back and observe. We had been talking to him the week before about him being Spartan of the Week and what it was all about. The day after school, he was on his eye gaze communication device and I asked him why he was crying at school and what was wrong. He said he was afraid like 7 times! Poor little guy! He was nervous! The kids also drew pictures of the Nate and say something nice about him. The teacher put together a book with all the pics and it is too cute! Some of the pictures have him with his bi-pap on. The kids said things like - "he's cool", "he's nice", "I love his wheelchair - it's pretty", "he's cute" and my favorite "he's the best friend a man could have". Kids are so cute. We went back to school on the last day of school and he did much better, just hanging out with the kids.

We're still waiting on his new switch for the power chair! Hopefully, that will be in soon and we'll start practicing. He loves to drive!

That's it for now! Thanks for checking in.


Owen Eating at the Table

When it's time to eat, he used to pull up his high chair, now he gets into a chair at the table. He's not even 2, and doesn't even really need a booster seat - BIG BOY!

Owen - Future Plumber

Nate and Owen in the Pool - Youtube Video

Owen had been in the pool a couple of times before, but this was Nate's first time. He did great and loved it! Owen wasn't too thrilled the first couple of times we got him in. But, we found a new game he likes (pouring water into cups) and now he loves the pool. We've tried getting him in floaties and carrying him around, but all he wants to do is play with the cups!