Sunday, April 18, 2010

Nate Off His Bipap Today

He's lookin' good! And it's a great sign that he's a lot better when he can be off his "pappy"!

Owen Conked Out!

He just started using a pillow. Before you know it, he'll be in his big bed and the crib will be history. He is getting big for the crib, but it's nice to have him "confined" for now :) !

Candid photos

Nate and the Fish Hat from his teacher
It's for you...
Owen makes a fashion statement...

Brothers...enough said...

Owen in the Rain

Posters from his classmates

Last weekend, Nate's teacher dropped off some posters that his classmates had made for him. He usually sees his classmates a couple of times each week (either in the classroom or while driving his power chair in the gym). Since he did not go to school at all the week after Easter, they started asking about him and the teacher told them that he was the made him these "Get Well" posters...

Easter Weekend Pictures #2

Even though he wasn't feeling well, we got a couple of good pictures of him on Easter

The finishing touches on the cupcakes...

Easter Weekend Pictures #1

Bring on Easter Lunch!
Ready for the Hunt!