Friday, May 07, 2010

Signs from God I've had in the past

I know, I've posted quite a few signs/messages since Nate's passing that I have received. But, God has spoken to me before Nate's passing (when I've asked him to). The first message we received, of course, was on the day Nate was born - the rainbow. We didn't know the significance of this until much later. At the time we just that it was a beautiful way to start the day when our first born would enter the world.

We started testing Nate at three months old to determine what was wrong with him. At 5 months old, we got the call. To come into the office to meet with the Dr. He didn't want to talk with us on the phone. We knew it was not good news. I went to pick Trey up at Thrifty, so we could all drive together to the Dr.'s office. Obviously, a complete wreck, I needed strength from God. While waiting for Trey in the parking lot, I asked for some sort of sign. I always seem to look up at the sky for signs. I got out of the car and looked all around, crying. Nothing, until finally I saw it - a big white Cross on the top of a church a couple miles down the road. I felt comfort, even in the midst of knowing we were about to get bad news. It was the perfect thing to see at the time. Knowing we would need God and Christ to give us strength to get through the days to come.
The second time, I asked God for a sign, was after a very scary episode of almost losing Nate a couple of years ago. He got a mucus plug. We bagged him, called 911, went to the hospital, but then were back home that same evening in the middle of the night. Thank the Lord! The next morning, as I sat outside having my coffee, I prayed. That event had scared me so much, almost losing him, I just needed comfort and peace. I couldn't relax. Then a beautiful white dove appeared on the house behind us. It stayed there for the most part of the day. I kept going out and seeing if it was still there, and sure enough, it would still be there. I was overcome by peace. Nate has a lot of birds that come to visit. We have bird feeders outside his window. All sorts of birds come - finches, sparrows, black birds, cardinals and doves (but I had never seen a pure white dove in our neighborhood before and haven't since). Just beautiful!
So, at times when I've needed those signs and messages from God, he's given them to me. Other times, throughout Nate's life, I didn't need them because Nate was doing well and God was in him, in his eyes, and in his heart. Now, after Nate has passed, I NEED them and am asking for them and I have received!
Sometime soon, I am going to post another miracle/blessing story about Owen. Some close friends and family members know the story. It is a very personal one, but one I want to share. Because, again, it was God's hand that brought us the miracle of our Sweet Owen. And just because we talk about Nate so much and what a blessing he was and is, doesn't mean we don't feel the exact same way about Owen Bennett! Love them both dearly :) Both Gifts from God!

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