Monday, March 19, 2007

A Busy Couple of Weeks...

Well, it has been way too long since we posted an update so this will be a long one...

After posting that things have been going great for Nate, he had a couple of episodes in the middle of the night where he has desatted while on his BiPAP and we had to use the ambu-bag on him. We're not sure why these "crashes" happened other than he probably had a mucus plug or too many thick secretions that blocked his airway. Luckily the "bagging" broke up the blockage up and got his oxygen level back up to where it needed to be. He recovered quickly and doesn't seem to be sick. We went to see Dr. Carey the morning after one of these episodes and he thinks that is what happened also. Nate received a great report from Dr. Carey and he was very impressed at how well Nate was doing and how good he looked.

We've had some nursing problems and had a lot of gaps in coverage. Of course, these episodes happened on nights when we did not have a nurse. It takes a toll after awhile, but we're trying our best to work it all out.

We have had a lot of company. Nana and Wayne came up the weekend of March 10th & 11th. Nate always loves to see them! Katie, Craig and their three kids (Sarah, Alex and Ryan) came to see us last weekend on their way home from Colorado. We had a great time and Nate enjoyed seeing the kids. Here is a picture of us celebrating Ryan's birthday...he and Nate were born exactly 6 months apart - 3/3/03 & 8/3/03.

Now that the weather is warming up, we are trying to get out of the house more. The nurse and I took Nate to the zoo last Thursday and we were there almost three hours. I was worn out! Nathan had so much fun and we were able to see almost all the animals. We also had another outing where we went to Incredible Pizza and then to Lafortune Park to feed the ducks. Tons of ducks just came right up to him! He loved it!
On Sunday we were at WalMart and found a swinging bench for the pool deck. Nate has gotten so big and heavy that it is kinda hard to get him in & out of his swing. While we were in the Garden section, we found a swinging bench that will fold out flat plus has an awning on it to block the sun. This will work perfectly for us to build a base for Nate and allow us to lay him out on it when the weather is nice. We'll take a picture and post it later...

This week is spring break, so no school. Hopefully, we will have a get together with the Gundys and the Nelsons for a play date since we haven't seen them in awhile.

Thanks for checking in!

Jennifer & Trey