Thursday, January 11, 2007

January 11, 2007 Update

Well, another weird medical thing is going on with Nathan. He has a bulge on his right side. He has been acting very uncomfortable the last couple of days and cries when we start to feed him through his g-tube. The bulge is right about where the liver is. I called the Dr. yesterday and the nurse said as long as it doesn't get bigger, his stools and urine output seem to be normal, his residuals are normal and he doesn't get more fussy, we can wait until next Tuesday to see Dr. Carey (we already had an appt. scheduled for that day). We are not doing much with him right now other than letting him rest and making sure he is comfortable. We are hoping this is nothing and it will pass. If the bulge is still there on Tuesday, we pray the Dr. has a simple explanation and it's nothing serious.

On another note, over the weekend, we started getting Nathan in his ceiling lift to transfer him to the bath tub. He tolerated it very well and it was MUCH easier on me and on him also. He is to the point that he's so big and tall, we really have no choice but to start using the lift. We don't want to risk injury to Nate and are trying to save our backs!

We will update again if anything changes or after we visit Dr. Carey on Tuesday.