Thursday, May 06, 2010

Nathan's Song

For those of you were attended the Memorial Service, and for those of you who couldn't, I want to give some background to the song that was played during the service called "Nathan's Song". Six years ago, during Nate's first hospitalization (and a scary one at that! This is when he had his feeding tube put in and had aspiration pneumonia - he was 7 months old), at St. John PICU, they had a CD player. Nate's love of music started at this point. We played a lot of music for him during the stay, but mostly a CD that the PICU had by Michael Card, called Sleep Sounds in Jesus. I loved this CD so much, that after Nate got home from the hospital I had to go out and buy it. At the time, all I could find was a double CD set which also included another CD by Michael Card called Come to the Cradle. This CD had a song on it called "Nathan's Song". Of course, the first thing Trey and I did was read the lyrics. We couldn't believe it - it sounded like it was written for Nathan! Then we listened to it - beautiful, beautiful song! Ever since then this song has had a special place in our hearts and of course, has always been, and always will be, "Nathan's Song". There was no doubt, when we were planning the Memorial Service, that his song would be played. The lyrics are as follows:

Welcome now, little stranger
To a world filled with wonder
Filled full of the fragrance
Of life's sweet bouquet
But dear one, take warning
That birth's like a morning
To a lifetime that flies past
Like one single day

Soak up like a sponge
All that's joyful and best
And squeeze yourself out
Upon those who are blessed
A God-given gift
Has been wrapped up in you
You show more of Him
Than I'll ever teach you

There are no words to thank You
For a heart that can see
And gaze in the face
Of this small mystery
You knit him together
In a most secret place
A most certain sign
Of Your wonderful grace

Welcome now, little stranger
To a world filled with wonder
To a world torn asunder
To a world that's in pain
My son, life's a battle
So you be a rebel
Stand ready to fight
And never stop loving the Light


Sally said...

Wow, beautiful.

Anonymous said...

That song was so moving!! I loved it.