Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Flower Bouquet from Nate's Class

Nate's teachers (Mrs. Lacy and Mrs. Streetman), had the kids write down something about Nate. Then they put this beautiful arrangement together with the kids pictures and their messages. Sweetest thing I have ever seen. Here is what they said:
I liked his smile
I liked playing in the gym with Nate
You are my friend
I liked his eyes
I liked the big races
I liked when I met Nate
I liked giving Nate Valentines
He is cool
I liked playing red light/green light with Nate
I liked his blog
I liked his Spongebob shirt
He is fun
I liked playing with him
I liked reading stories with him
He is nice
I liked meeting him
He is a good friend
He is my best friend
I love you
I miss him

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Jana said...

Too cute! Jen
Love, Jana+Kyle Gundy Sand springs ok