Tuesday, May 29, 2007

More School Pics - Blowing Bubbles

Nate's Last Day AT School

Nate went to his last day at school today. Dad even took off work to join us! Nathan did so great and had so much fun (as you can see from the pictures!). The kids are all so sweet. They helped Nathan color and play with his toys. His girl "friend" read him some books and was by his side most of the day. They all blew bubbles (including Nathan!) and the kids helped Nate pop the bubbles. Then they had circle time and Nathan was chosen to pick the day of the week by color (which was pink) and he picked the correct one by nodding - what a smart little boy! Then we sang cute, funny songs which Nathan always loves.

I'm sure Nate will miss going to school this summer, but at least he will see his teacher here at the house once a week. We are going to look into Sunday School to keep him socialized.

Our special little boy is growing up SO FAST!

Enjoy all the pics!


Nate Smiling In His Stander