Thursday, August 28, 2008

A Couple More Pics from Nate's 1st B-Day

Nate's 1st Birthday

Since Owen just turned 1, I went back to look at Nate's 1st b-day pictures. It brought back so many memories. I hadn't looked at these pictures in a long time. Since we started this blog long after Nate's 1st birthday, I thought I would share some of these pictures. He's come a long way! What a big boy he is now!


Monday, August 25, 2008

Nate in his Stander (YouTube)

This video is a little long (8 minutes). It shows us getting Nate into the stander with the lift, going into the living room and then him in the stander for awhile without his bi-pap on!

Owen's 1st Birthday

Our baby is ONE! Unbelieveable how the time flies! We had a great weekend and celebrated with Nana, Grandpa Wayne, Gammy, Grandpa, Grandma Judy and Uncle Jeff. Nate came out into the living room to watch Owen open presents and was a good boy! He was so tired from being up a lot the night before, but he didn't complain and didn't seem to get jealous that Owen was getting all the presents. He seemed to enjoy just hanging out with us. It was a really fun day! There's tons of pics to follow!

Owen Playing With and Feeding Me Birthday Cake

Owen Eating Pizza

We had pizza for lunch and Owen got to taste it for the first time. He LOVED it! Weird thing is, when we gave him a piece of his cake to eat, he HATED it! And even more he HATED ice cream! The faces he made were too funny! However, he did love playing with the cake and icing, throwing it on the floor and feeding it to me.

More B-day Pics

He got the Radio Flyer Wagon from Nana & Grandpa Wayne and it was a hit! By far, his favorite present - because he can walk behind it! He smiles and laughs and acts so proud the minute he starts pushing it - too cute!

Group B-day Pics

Owen Random B-day Pics