Sunday, May 02, 2010

Another remarkable sign from Nate and God

Yesterday, I went to have my nails done. I haven't done this in years. First I had my pedicure and was scheduled to have a manicure afterwards, but I needed to get back home to greet family from out of town. Decided I would come back later for my manicure. I was sitting in a chair waiting to have my nails done, next to two ladies talking. Most of their conversation was about God and Church. I had a feeling about the lady next to me. I can't explain it, but I wanted to tell her about Nate and ask her to pray for me and my family. I was included in some of their conversation, just talking about her Yorkie she had with her and nail stuff. When we got back to more talk about church, I asked where she attended. She said First Baptist Downtown. I told her my best friend since 2nd grade (Michelle Bauer Folks) went there (thinking no way would they know each other - it's a HUGE church), she said Oh, yes, I know Michelle, John, Charlie and Evelyn. We worked together at the church. She said she would tell Michelle she met me. I then told her that Michelle would probably tell her something else about me - the story of Nate. I then poured my heart out, all about Nate, his life, his passing - all to a stranger - crying and crying. She listended. Then she said, "You know what, I've been praying for you and your family already". Michelle had put us on a prayer list and the lady already knew about us and Nate's passing. Her name is Gayle Crist. She is a Stephen's Minister at First Baptist, Tulsa. We continued to talk and cry. Then as she left, she hugged and kissed me and told me she will continue to pray, just as she had been. Unbelieveable. Thank you again God and Nathan.


Anonymous said...

Jennifer - That is just a really wonderful happening. And another lesson, or whatever, from this story is that it shows just how important your close friends are. You and Michelle have something special going on, and don't ever let that stop. Thinking of you all the time, and hoping for peace and healing. Mrs. B.

Shannon and Carey said...

Love love love this story. I mean what are the chances? What a wonderful lady to sit and talk with you and cry with you. Nathan is going to show up everywhere for you and sometimes in the most small ways. I hope it brings comfort to you.
Shannon and Family

Anonymous said...

Nathan is watching over you making sure you are ok! The signs are evident. That is an awesome story!! My heart goes out to you!


Anonymous said...

Jennifer - Nathan was a shining light, a glimmer of inspiration, and a sparkle of joy in my life. His laugh melted my heart and his cries could break it. Nate was truely a gift in my life and i'm so happy I had the chance to get to know him over the years. He was truely beautiful in every way imaginable. Thank you for everything you guys let me be involved in. I'm so sorry I couldnt be there today. I love you guys.
Nathan is an angel that will always be with me. You have all my thoughts and prayers.Much love

Anonymous said...

Jennifer - You, Trey & Owen have been in my thoughts all day. I wish I could have been at the service today. It is so wonderful to hear that Nate's signs have been showing up loud and clear! Nate will be taking great care of all of you, after all, he learned from the best! I wish you all peace and comfort during this time.

Lots of Love,