Thursday, October 12, 2006

Doing Better Today

We finally heard from Dr. Holderness and it's good news. He said no "acute" fracture could be detected. We are still not sure what is wrong - could be a stress fracture, hairline fracture, a nerve, muscle, but...he's doing much better today. He had a great bath and didn't seem to be in much pain when I picked him up. Dr. Holderness has ordered another x-ray for next Monday. He said to just take it easy and go by how he's feeling as to moving him, sitting him up, etc. We will try and get him in his power chair today. His physical therapist and occupational therapist will be here at 4:00. Also, his lungs sounded clear today and he's breathing much better. More good news! Nothing is worse than seeing your child in pain or not being able to BREATHE!!! Something we all take for granted.... He seems to be comfortable and feeling well and he's very happy today, which makes MOM extremely happy!!! I've attached some pics from today's bath and also of him tasting my birthday cake over the weekend. Naturally, he loves sugar! And he LOVES his baths. He moves so much in the water and I hate when he has to miss a bath or has a short one because of pain or respiratory issues. But, not today - today he had a great bath and made his cute sounds and kicked and wiggled for about 45 minutes!!!

Today is a good day................

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

How long does it take to read an X-ray????

Apparently, A LOT LONGER than one would expect!!!
Late this afternoon, I was told that the X-ray would be read tomorrow morning and we would get the report shortly thereafter. Let's hope so...
Nate is his normal tough self. The swelling has decreased and his right thigh is not warm to the touch anymore. We are hopeful that it is not a fracture but we're pretty sure that something else is wrong. He still has some pain when we move his right leg certain ways and he can only bend it outwards a little bit.
His respiratory situation is so-so. The wheezing has decreased and we have started to taper him off the Prednisone. He does much better when he gets moved around more during the day but given the situation with his leg, he's not getting out and about much.
Thanks for your thoughts, messages and prayers for the Little Man. We'll update again when we FINALLY hear back from the Orthopaedic Surgeon.