Saturday, October 07, 2006

This is one of my favorite pictures of Nate in his Power Chair.

What a night!

Well, it's 1:00 a.m. Saturday morning and boy, have we had a rough day! We spent the evening (4 1/2 hours to be exact) at St. John Emergency Room. Something happened to Nate's right leg and we were worried it was ANOTHER break. He was in a lot of pain today and his leg was swollen and hot to the touch. So, we figured better safe than sorry and took him to get x-rays. The radiologist said he didn't see any breaks, but was comparing his x-ray to the last one taken at St. John in March, when he had the major fracture in his femur and it hadn't healed yet. We will have our Orthopaedic Dr. take a look at the x-ray on Monday to make sure Nate's leg is okay. Otherwise, it appears to possibly be a slight stress fracture or a contusion. All we know is it really hurts Nate, but we were happy to get good news tonight. They also did a chest x-ray at our request because he has been wheezing for the past four days and has had a terrible time breathing. He was prescribed Prednisone yesterday and that seemed to kick in today because we could tell a big difference. And the chest x-ray came back clear - more good news! So, as we say, another "bump" in the road of Nathan's rollercoaster life and we just pick up and get back on track. Of course, Nate was the perfect patient. He handled everything with strength and, unless he was in pain at that time, he was smiling and his happy self. What a guy! Every time, I started to get frustrated or tired or mad, he would smile at me and I realized, what do I have to be upset about! The lessons he teaches us all.....

Friday, October 06, 2006

1st Day of School

On Wednesday, October 4th, Nate has his first day of school! The Bixby Public School System has a great Special Education Program and after meeting with the teachers, therapists and administration officials, we decided to do home-schooling program. We would love to have him in a classroom setting but the risks of catching a cold or flu or worse were just too great. Nate will be able to go to the school for various activities and the first visit will be next week when the Bixby Fire Department visits his elementary school.
Jen set up our middle bedroom as a school room for Nate:

Nate and his teacher, Miss Kathy:

Another one:

Oct. 1st Pool Time

Who would have thought we would be getting in the pool on October 1st??? Well, we did and here is a picture of Nate and Roxy to prove it!

Our visit to the Tulsa Zoo

On Saturday morning (Sept. 30th), we went to the Tulsa Zoo. Nate loved being outdoors and his eyes were moving constantly...looking at all the animals and activity. We visited 4 of the main exhibits and also went to the Children's Petting Zoo. As you will see in the pictures, it was lunch time for the animals so they were too busy eating to pay much attention to the kids!

It was a pretty hot morning so we look forward to going back later in the fall when it is cooler to see the rest of the exhibits.

Here we are in the Tropical Rainforest exhibit:

Nate & Mom in the Petting Zoo:

Nate & Mom check out a Black Bear:

What is this blog thing?

Some of you may be asking....What is this and why are you doing it?

The reason we have created this blog for Nate is that it will make it much easier and faster for us to 1) keep everyone updated on the Little Man and 2) post pictures in a more timely fashion. There is also a big benefit for YOU...this method will allow you to check up on him from any computer via the internet. You won't have to have access to your e-mail any more...just a connection to the internet. The web address for Nate's blog is

I got the idea from another SMA family and I think it is a great way for us to send out our updates and let you know more about Nate's daily life. We hope to be more timely with updates and pictures so check back here as often as you like!