Friday, December 15, 2006

Doing Great This Week!

This week has been great! Nate has been able to be off his bi-pap a little more and his lungs sound really good.

Monday he had school, and we were excited to start it again. But, he cried the entire time and threw a complete fit! It was almost funny. He made a Christmas ornament and we sang Christmas songs. He apparently just wasn't in the mood or was uncomfortable. Oh well, maybe next time he'll do better and actually enjoy having fun with his teacher!

Nate has been in his Kid Kart a couple of times and gone outside to enjoy the nice weather. He practiced in his power chair yesterday and even though it had been two months since he's practiced driving, he hadn't forgotten anything. He drove all around and did awesome! He loved it! The PT and OT were here and couldn't believe how well he did. Then we practiced getting him in his ceiling lift. He tolerated it very well.

Hopefully, today we can go out for a drive or maybe a walk. Since it's so nice, we might try his power chair again.

We are so happy he's doing better and we thank the Lord for his recovery!


Thursday, December 14, 2006

Drivin' my Power Chair!

Here is a picture of Nate practicing his driving skills in his Power Chair this afternoon.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

A fairly busy day...

The day started off a little rough for Nate but ended up being a pretty busy day for the little guy. This morning he slept until about 8:45AM so we really didn't have time to use The VEST and cough him before his 9:00AM feeding. He had lots of secretions and we could hear some wheezing in his chest. Luckily after using The VEST and coughing him at 11:00AM, he did much better.
The highlights of his day were:
1 -- A HAIRCUT -- Mom agreed that Dad could use the shears on the sides and back of his head while Sue could trim the top with the scissors. The haircut went pretty well and he only fussed a little bit while we were turning his head to cut in the back. The end result was a GREAT haircut...short on the sides & back and still some waves/curls on top. Now we just have to find time to get his Christmas picture taken.
2 -- A BATH-- After a haircut, a bath is a necessity! He had a good bath...about 30 to 40 minutes with a lot of kicking and swinging his butt in the water.
3 -- Laying on Mom's chest -- After his nap, Nate came out into the den and laid on Jen's chest while watching the football game. He laid there off his BiPAP for about 40 minutes then we moved him to his Kid Kart.
4 -- Sitting in his Kid Kart -- This is the first time we have been able to get him in his Kid Kart since he got home from the PICU. He really enjoyed watching SpongeBob on the big screen in the den and watched the first episode while off his BiPAP as well. After about an hour or so, he got tired of it and was ready to do something else. We had some fun racing around the house in the Kid Kart and doing "doughnuts" in the kitchen. It was great to see him do so good in his Kid Kart because he has school tomorrow and he'll be in it for that session.
We figured that by now his little butt was kinda tired so he is back in bed with his arms and legs in his slings just swinging away!
Thanks for checking on the Little Man!