Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Nate - Wednesday Morning Update

Nate had an OK night after a very up & down Tuesday. He only desatted a couple of times last night but was awake for about 2 hours "visiting" with Jennie. As expected, he was very congested and "gunky" this morning so we coughed him about 6:45AM. We got a lot of snot & congestion out of his nose and this really helped him. Over the last couple of days, we had not gotten much of anything out of his nose so this was an improvement.
The radiologist's report came back last night and he stated that Nate has "pulmonary congestion" but no pneumonia. The pulmonary congestion basically means excessive fluid in the lungs and this explains why sometimes his lungs sound clear, then we hearing wheezing and then they sound diminished, etc... The radiologist will also compare Nate's x-ray from yesterday to ones they have on file and let us know if he sees anything else.
The prelim results of the cultures showed low amounts of Staph & Pseudomonas but nothing to be concerned about at this point in time. I believe that Nate's cultures will always show Pseudomnas since he had a long bout with it years ago. Dr. Rippy told us to just keep doing what we're doing...meds, breathing treatments, the VEST and cough assist sessions. He's going to talk with Dr. Cyrus today and let us know if they have any other thoughts.
Thanks for checking in on the Little Guy...

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