Monday, May 04, 2009

Nate is Sick

But, he's doing better today! Apparently Nate caught a cold or whatever Owen has had for the last week. Nate started struggling last Friday and had a pretty rough weekend. High heart rate, tons of thick secretions, running a fever, and could not be off the bi-pap AT ALL. We were coughing him a TON. Saturday was the hardest day. Yesterday he did better until late afternoon. He was on a tiny bit of oxygen overnight to keep his saturations normal. We took in cultures yesterday for Influenza A & B and any bacterial infection. Not sure when we will get those results. He started Amoxicillin yesterday. We can tell a difference today. His eyes look better, his heart rate is better and he is smiling and making his cute sounds. We obviously skipped going to school Friday, but are hoping he can go this Friday because Trey is off work and wants to go with us. If not, we'll go the following week because Nathan is the "Spartan of the Week". (Will update more on that later with pics, etc.).
We are relieved that it looks like Nathan is getting a little better. We would appreciate your prayers. Thanks for checking in!

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