Thursday, July 26, 2007

Nate and Daddy coming in after swinging outside


Murphy's Law said...

This picture (and the one underneath it) is so very sweet! Nate, you have a beautiful smile and it looks like you love to share it with many people.

I hope you are enjoying the summer. Take care!

Stephanie Stapleton said...

I am just here looking at your BEAUTIFUL FAMILY, and wanted to take the time to tell the 4 of you now, that the love, and admiration that is in your family is unmistakeable!!! I looked at this photo of Nate and his Daddy, and I am still crying tears of happiness..
Word's can not express how much love is so apparent in your little family.. Nate chose the PERFECT peopl to become his parent's..
So keep on doing what you do, and little (or should I say) big, lol, Owen is going to have a wonderful life as well..
God Bless your family, Stephanie (Mommy to ^Malia Simone George^, angel SMA Type 1, and Taye SMA free..)