Sunday, July 22, 2007

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Not much new around our house, which is a good thing sometimes. Nate has been enjoying the pool a lot, since the rain has finally stopped! He seems to be doing really well medically, and in great spirits, as always. I continue to get bigger and bigger and more uncomfortable. It has been an adjustment and unfortunately, I'm limited on how much I can handle Nate. So, mostly I wait for Trey to get home in the evenings, and then we will get Nate up and about (in the pool, in the swing, getting out of the house, etc.). The weekends are always full since Trey is home and we have nursing. Our nursing situation has improved some, but we still don't have coverage on Saturday nights. Hopefully before the baby comes, we can get that covered. We have tentatively scheduled an induction for Thursday, August 23rd. I originally didn't want to induce, but the more we thought about it, it really makes sense in our situation. We can make sure we have a nurse, Trey can actually be there for the birth (VERY IMPORTANT!!!), and we'll know Nate is taken care of. So, we're just counting the days (actually I'm counting hours and minutes) and looking forward to our new addition! I'm so happy and excited, especially for Nate to have a sibling!

Nate's 4th birthday is coming up very soon!!! We aren't having a big party this year since I'm in really no shape to plan anything right now! But, Nancy and Wayne are coming up and we will be going to the aquarium and opening presents that evening and letting Nate taste some b-day cake. I'm also hoping to get the Nelsons and the Gundys over soon for a swim play date. They are the other families with children with SMA. I can't believe he's going to be 4!!! What a big boy! We are so blessed!

We go see Dr. Carey the first week of August and we'll be sure to update after the appointment. And, of course, we'll update after his birthday with pictures!

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