Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The beauty of a hospital bed...

One of the great things about having a hospital bed for Nate is the ability to raise, lower, tilt and adjust it to suit Nate's needs. During his doctor's appointment this afternoon, we talked about putting him in different positions to see if some worked better for him in regards to his breathing. While he is in his stander, he is able to be off the BiPAP for longer periods of time than when he is laying down.

So tonight, we raised the head of the bed way up so we could get him in a reclined sitting position without the BiPAP for a while. He did really well and was off the BiPAP for about 15 minutes...

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Shannon and Carey said...

HI Nate! You look really good in your picture. Are you having a great summer or what? And soon you'll be a big brother. Oh boy! School starts soon im sure and you get to see all your friends again.
Have a great 4th Birthday sweetie!
Shannon in Austin
your mom's friend