Saturday, August 04, 2007

Nathan is 4 YEARS OLD!!!!!!

What a blessing - 4 years with our Nate! He had such a great birthday yesterday. He loved the Aquarium and seemed to enjoy it much more than the previous visits. He seems to be at the perfect age to really take it all in and was much more interested in all the fish and exhibits. He also enjoyed opening presents more this year and tasting his homemade cake. He was so into it! It was the perfect day.
With each birthday Nathan has, we celebrate. We celebrate him beating the odds and we admire his diligent fight against the devastating disorder of SMA. Throughout the year, we enjoy every single day with Nathan. We realize how precious Life is and realize what a special and strong person Nathan is. Nathan is such a happy boy, which makes us happy. Sure, Nathan is different and has a horrible disorder, but we don't focus on that. We enjoy Life & Nathan and the fact that he has SMA is secondary.
The pictures will be coming. We have so many good ones to share!!!
Thanks for checking in on Nate and for all the birthday wishes!
Jen & Trey

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