Monday, November 14, 2011


26.2 miles run....$11,852 raised for FSMA

A little before 4:00PM on Sunday, November 6, 2011, I crossed the finish line in Central Park culminating two years of work. When I registered for the lottery to the NYC Marathon in 2009, I had no idea that it would turn into the endeavour that it did. What started out as a "lark" became so much more. It became a mission to honor Nate and help all the other SMA kids & their families by raising funds for FSMA.

A huge THANK YOU goes to Jen and Owen for their love, support and for putting up with a spouse & dad who is training for a marathon. The early morning runs before work, the long runs on the weekends, the afternoon naps after the long runs, etc... I could not have done it without them.

Another huge THANK YOU goes to all of our family and friends that donated to FSMA and offered their support & encouragement to me as I prepared for this marathon. I continue to be amazed at how many people Nate touched in his short time here with us. I am extremely grateful for your generosity!

Here are a couple of photos I wanted to share:

A shot of the Verranzo-Narrows Bridge from the Green Start Village

A shot of the Manhattan skyline as I cross the Pulaski Bridge:

A shot as I run up First Avenue...the number of runners and spectators was incredible:

My 2011 ING NYC Marathon Finisher's Medal:

Thanks again for your support and generosity!



Anonymous said...

You are to be applauded for your accomplishment and your determination and devotion to Nathan and other SMA children. What a wonderful honor. I am very proud of you! And applause also for your family who supported you. It was all very exciting.
Hugs, Nancy O.

Anonymous said...

Trey, congratulations! You are indeed an inspiration to many people, and I am so proud to say that you are indeed a great husband, father, and friend! we will always be thinking of Nate and the Russell family! God Bless you always.

The Net Family

Anonymous said...

I found you YouTube videos then saw your blog. You are truly devoted parents. I loved reading your blog! Thank you for your blog. My son has Dubowitz Syndrome. We are dealing with so much right now. If you find a chance to go to his story it is on Facebook. "Ryan's Therapy Help" like the page please and pass it in. Again thank you for sharing your story! Tami Reynolds mom too ( Ryan Reynolds)

Lucy and Ethel said...

Congratulations on a fantastic accomplishment!

Nathan was surely perched on your shoulder the whole time, beaming :)