Saturday, October 16, 2010

Up With Trees (Nate's Tree)

Today we went to Hunter Park for the planting of Nate's tree, thanks to Up with Trees, and donations made by my dear friends to make this possible. It was perfect! Beautiful weather, beautiful park, beautiful spot. This park is special because we used to take Nate here to feed the ducks and walk around. We still take Owen there a lot and I run there on occasion right by all the trees. The spot they picked for Nate's tree is right by the path, and right by the pond. We loved it! I had a very hard time this morning. Tears were flowing. I never have any idea how things are going to affect me. Knowing this week that the planting was coming up, I never thought I would get so emotional. It's still so hard, I go days without crying and seeming "okay", and then I will cry and cry and cry! Oh how we miss our Nate. This tree is just another wonderful gift given to us to remember him and we appreciate it so very much! Jennifer

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Scarlett's Hope said...

What a wonderful gift! You are in our thoughts and prayers.