Saturday, October 16, 2010

SMA Race n Roll Kansas City

Trey and I went up to KC a couple of weeks ago to run in the 10th Annual SMA Race n Roll to benefit SMA research. It was a great day. Very emotional, especially when I met the Sykoras for the first time (son Charlie is Nate's age with SMA Type 1 also and reminds me so much of him!). I kinda lost it then and also during the speech before the race. It's so nice to meet people who you have so much in common with, but emotionally Trey and I are still very raw and it's hard to keep it together. I wore a pic of Nate on my search to honor him. My brother ran the race with us also. My sis-in-law, Aunt "B", watched and cheered us on. It was a good turnout and we will definitely make this an annual event! Next year, maybe we'll be a little more healed and will be able to meet more families and stay a little bit longer. It was a fun weekend in KC with lots of festivities with two of our favorite people, Jeff and B! Thanks for having us!

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