Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Nate's Room/Play Room Pics

What these pics don't show is the ceiling which is really cool. Nate loved his ceiling. It has big stickers/pictures of Superman, Spiderman and Batman. Owen loves them too :)


Sachie said...

The room looks fantastic!!! What a great way to keep happiness there! And a fun place for Owen to remember his very special big brother! You did an awesome job!
Take your time with your decisions... in your time. As you said, God will show you. There is no set schedule or pattern on how things are to be done or when so do take the time to breathe and listen to the voice of God.
Have a blast in Vegas!!! May God rejuvenate your spirit!
Much Love!
Kim York

Noah and Max said...

So glad you are finding peace. Making Nate's playroom makes perfect sense and you are right nate is looking down enjoying owen playing. have a wonderful time in vegas. Who knows maybe nathan will show up on his birthday in some wonderful way....a rainbow or bird or something :) Safe travels.

Sandra said...

The room looks awesome!!! What a great thing to do...I am sure Nate is smiling down on it and helping to guide Owen!!