Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Cloud Slide Show Presented by God and Nate

Here I go again. I wasn't going to post this, because it's another SIGN. Yes, I know. My birds, rainbows, swan, clouds, etc., etc.. It's over the top. But I had scribbled down notes from something that happened to me the other night that I don't want to forget. Knowing I will eventually lose this piece of paper at some point in time, I want to have it here, SO I REMEMBER!

One of my many nights, outside, crying by myself, asking questions to God and Nate. Talking to them, and praying. I was so upset because I needed to know he was being take care of. I KNOW God and Jesus are taking care of him. My head and heart know this. But I just wanted to see it. See that Nate was okay. Taken care of like I took care of him, or of course, better than I took care of him. You see, I knew Nate and how to take care of him better than ANYONE else. No offense to Trey (who is the best dad EVER!), but I was with him ALL THE TIME. And the care he required was intense. I knew every little thing about him. And now, it's out of my control. God and Jesus are taking care of him. But he's healthy now, so they have it easy - LOL :) So as I'm crying, questioning, asking to know that he's okay, the slide show appears. It was a windy night, storms were on their way, so clouds were passing by quickly. Each cloud picture stayed for about one minute and then the next would appear. So, here's what I saw:

First, a heart (Nate is loved)
A cross (Jesus is with him)
A rainbow (Nate's Rainbow)
A person with a strong body (Nate is now strong)
A house (God's home - Heaven)
Then a hand was holding on to the house (Nate is holding hands with Jesus in Heaven)
A smiley face (He is happy)
And then a tone of birds fly by.....

The End.

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Shannon and Carey said...

Love it! I love these signs. They are truly signs from heaven, Jennifer!

Shannon :)