Friday, April 09, 2010

Staying Home for Now

Chest x-ray came back clear - GREAT NEWS! Dr. started him on four new meds (on top of the fifteen or so he already takes!). The new ones are steroids and antihistimines (nasal sprays, breathing treatments and one pill). He said to try these and hopefully we can get everything under control. He's had a couple of episodes today, but we were able to stablize him and now he is resting. It just comes on so fast, out of nowhere. He will be doing great and then the next second, he's choking and gagging for two hours straight! Glad it's the weekend and Trey will be home. Unfortunately, we have no nursing, so it will be an exhausting one to say the least. But, if we can keep Nate home and out of the hospital, we will be VERY happy!!!

Please continue to pray. Thank you!

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