Friday, April 09, 2010

Nate Update

Looks like we are going to have to admit Nate to the hospital today. He had a rough Easter Sunday, with allergies that just overpowered him. We were able to finally stabilize him. Dr. recommended some minor changes in meds, O2 and breathing treatments and they seemed to keep everything under control (for the most part) through the week. Last evening he had another episode and now is running a fever, with thicker yellow secretions. He is doing okay at the moment, but he's up and down. We have no nursing over the weekend and think it's best to go ahead and have him admitted today, before he gets into real trouble. We're waiting on the dr. to call us back. He's already on tons of breathing treatments, allergy medicine, etc. and nothing is really working. He will probably have cultures, x-rays and blood work to determine what's going on and make sure there is no infection or pneumonia. Hopefully, it's nothing serious, and they can give him something to get his secretions under control and we will be back home very soon!!! We will keep you posted. Please pray. THANK YOU!

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Sandra said...

I will be praying for Nathan and your entire family...