Monday, December 29, 2008

Update About Stuff and Christmas

I know it's been a long time! If nothing is really going on, I just forget about it and think there's not much to write about and when there is stuff going on and we're busy, I don't have time to do it! Also, as anyone knows who has a 1 1/2 year old, I'm lucky to sit down at all except when he's sleeping! Trey was off last week and is off this week so it's been really nice.

Let's see.....we really haven't done that much in the past month. Unfortunately, we've either had battery issues with Nate's bi-pap so we couldn't go out, weather issues, nursing issues, and now Nate's health issues. He's been battling a little virus/cold for a couple of days, but seems to be doing better now. Nothing serious. He hurt his leg in the stander (AGAIN) last week. It was healing and then it got tweaked again and now it's really hurting him. We just had x-ray taken and will get the results later today. The stander seems to be doing him more harm than good - it's so frustrating! We had plans to take the boys out a lot while Trey was on vaca - go to the mall, movie, bowling - but that didn't work out. We'll just rest and hang around - no big deal.

Before the Christmas break, Nate was doing really well in school. The teachers are very impressed with how much he knows. They love his personality. If he doesn't want to do something they want him to do, he will look at the ceiling the whole time and WILL NOT look at what the teacher wants him to. It's pretty funny.

We're looking into getting Nate a new manual wheelchair. He's outgrown his Kid Kart. I can remember when we got it when Nate wasn't even a year old and the rep said this will last until he's about 5 or 6. I thought oh, that's a LONG time. And here we are, he's five. Time flies! As always, it will take forever to get the new chair ordered and adjusted, but hopefully not too long!!

As far as Nate's communication device/speech therapy goes, the school had Tulsa University come out and do an assessment to see what Nate's needs are and how much time per week he will need speech therapy. Luckily, the assessment was correct in saying he needs at least 3 hours a week and that the therapists from school will require special training on the equipment Nate uses. The therapists from Bixby aren't used to dealing with someone with Nate's special needs. We have had to hire a private therapist through our insurance so that Nate would be getting some help while we were trying to work out all the details with the school. The therapists from school work all day at the school with kids mostly with just speech delays. And most don't have the time required for Nate's therapy (which has been an issue for me). The school is required to make sure Nate can communicate properly for education purposes. I hope the evaluation from TU will help in getting Nathan's therapy needs met through the school.

Owen has been doing great. He changes all the time. I just love watching him grow. Unfortunately, Owen is demanding, like all 16 month olds, and I feel like I don't have much time for Nathan. It's hard just to give Nate a bath every day, since Owen has to be watched 24/7. I guess I need to hire sitters more regularly!

And FINALLY... we all had a great Christmas! We spent Christmas day with my mom, brother, sister-in-law and the boys. It was a nice day full of cooking, eating, presents and having fun. The boys loved it. Then Trey's mom and stepdad came in town Saturday and we did it all over again! We also took Owen out to eat and for his first haircut - he was a very good boy! Unfortunately, Trey's dad and stepmom were supposed to come up a couple of weeks ago to celebrate Christmas, but had to cancel because Butch got sick. We look forward to their visit in January and celebrating Christmas one more time!

Next come the pics and more pics. Enjoy!

Thanks for checking in. Hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas!



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