Sunday, October 05, 2008

Sunday, Oct. 5th

A couple of weeks have passed, and a lot has been going on. First of all, OWEN IS WALKING! What a blessing! We plan on posting a video of him walking very soon.

Nathan has been doing good. We were able to get in the pool one more time last weekend and he loved it, of course! But, now Fall has really arrived (I think??). Nate hurt his leg in the stander last week, but fortunately, it was minor and he just needed to rest and take it easy. It is much better now. I think we finally got his power chair joystick problem resolved. The power chair has been an ongoing issue as far as getting the right joystick and his hand/arm situated properly. He has such little movement, you have to get everything just right for him to be able to operate it. With the old joystick, he could go forward and around in a circle one way and that was about it. We tried out a new joystick and adjusted his arm differently and he was able to turn, stop, go backwards and forwards. Now it's a matter of waiting to get the reps here to fix it and adjust it properly (which always takes awhile!).

We took Nate to see Veggie Tales Live last weekend and he really enjoyed it. The picture of him is when they first came out on stage. We left at intermission because we went to the evening show and didn't realize it was going to be as long as it was. Veggie Tales is one of his favorite shows so it was definitely a treat for him!

Also, Nate went to his first day of KINDERGARTEN! What a big boy! He did great. For the first few minutes he cried a little, probably because of stress and being in a new environment, then he fell asleep for about 10 minutes. After that, he really enjoyed it. They did a science experiment and math. He answered some questions for me and answered them correctly. What a smart boy! Hopefully, we will be taking him once or twice a week for about an hour until RSV/Flu season hits and then it will be strictly homebound schooling. We are still working on his computer so he can communicate and use it for education purposes as well.

Hopefully, we can take Nate to the zoo again soon before the weather gets too cold. That's about it for now!

Thanks for checking in!


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