Friday, October 10, 2008

October 10, 2008

Well, it's been a crazy week! Mostly for Trey and I. I got sick last Friday and was bedridden for a couple of days with a sinus infection and now Trey has a stomach flu/virus and is sequestered in our room bedridden. THANK THE LORD the boys have remained healthy! We've been very careful! So basically it's been a quiet week with not much going on since Trey and I have not been feeling well. I started feeling much better early in the week, so yesterday the nurse and I took Nate and Owen to the pumpkin patch. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera. They had lots of animals and of course tons of HUGE pumpkins. We bought a couple and will decorate them soon. Nate has a program on his computer where he can pick how he wants to decorate his pumpkin - colors, scary or funny, etc. We'll get a picture of it when it's done. Luckily Nate slept well last night (which hasn't been the case all week - he's been a complete night owl laughing and talking with our night nurse!), so we will be taking him to school today. This weekend not much will be going on other than watching OU/Texas - our house is divided on this one. I say GO SOONERS! Well, that's about it for now!



Anonymous said...

Oh wow Jen! Hope the stomach bug stays away and Trey gets better fast! Did you go to the pumpkin patch on 81st and mingo? That looks pretty neat! I will take the boys on fall break next week. Hope your weekend is much better! Boomer Sooner!

Emma and Mommy said...

Oh no, a divided house, well someone is happy and its not you and its not me, how could the Sooners lose? I am still so mad.

I hope Nate gets some more sleep and stops chatting with the nurses, sometimes I am so glad that we no longer have night nurses. Emma sleeps a ton better without the around, my nerves and my sleep might be affected some but thankfully her sleep is great!